National Sorry day

Today was National Sorry day, another symbolic, token, and yet meaningless gesture, which aimed at remembering and commemorating the mistreatment of Australia’s Indigenous population. Regrettably, it is yet another gesture from Australia, that purports our country is forever indebted to its Indigenous population, for its actual and alleged crimes of the past.

If this day brings particular joy, or relief to an Indigenous person of any given tribe or ethnicity, then I am happy it can serve some purpose. And of course, no one can reasonably oppose gestures that in theory, increase social cohesion over the long term.

Unfortunately, this is not the case when days such as ‘National Sorry Day’ are established, Australia Day is tarnished by neo- Marxists with guilt- ridden lies, or when we are constantly reminded of the anniversary of Kevin Rudd’s Stolen Generation apology.

Instead of bringing Australians together, the Aboriginal population, is increasingly being instructed, by media elites and the policy- makers, that they are entitled to more services and privileges, whether they be in health, welfare,  education, or in cultural debates as a mere matter of their Indigenous heritage. That should be the very definition of racism, treating people in a different way, purely on the basis their racial background.

Winston Churchill once stated “Appeasement is feeding the crocodile, hoping it will eat you last”, and while this quote rings true in so many circumstances, it is certainly relevant in the case of Indigenous Australians. Instead of continuing with our feeble attempts at appeasement, which now include pushes to include Indigenous recognition in the constitution, and formulate a treaty with Indigenous Australia, it is time to enact and more consequential policies and ideas, which include combating Aboriginal drug, alcohol and violence issues that ravage communities.


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  1. Winston Churchill once stated “Appeasement is feeding the crocodile, hoping it will eat you last” – he seriously said that? Awesome, it sounds very practical with the way Muslims are demanding more and more and more rights in Non-Muslim countries, while “rights” are absent for Non-Muslims in Muslim majority regions!

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