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Is Trump a progressive?

Routinely, members of the ‘Never Trump’ movement, attempt to smear the presidential front- runner, through asserting that Donald Trump is by no means a genuine conservative, and is instead some kind of uncover progressive, who will unleash liberal values once elected to the White House. To the Glenn Beck’s, Mitt Romney’s and Bushes of this world, Trump is a fraud, who intends to manipulate and deceive the public, to advance his own self- serving interests.

True, Trump’s history of progressive statements on abortion, healthcare, and gun control are enough to raise some eyebrows. But for ex Cruz, Rubio and Kasich supporters among others, bitterness and resentment at the current situation, is evidently affecting the accuracy of their judgments.

For if Trump were to be this undercover progressive, how could you explain the almost unprecedented bashing from the Left, via candidates Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton, and from Hollywood elites George Clooney and Johnny Depp? Presidential candidates come under enhanced fire as the cycle progresses, but if there has ever been a candidate, who has received such enormous societal and international criticism, in being described as a ‘bigot’, ‘racist, ‘sexist’, ‘sociopath’, ‘Islamophobe’, as Trump has, I would to know. The notion that Trump, due to his personal ideology, would more easily negotiate, and seek common ground with the Democrats, who will continue to vociferously object a potential Trump presidency, is devoid of all logic and reason.

Critics, who portray Trump as a egoistic opportunist, are also ignoring the scope of the impacts that the presidential run, has had on his business interests. While a controversial figure prior to this campaign, Trump’s business interests were almost always enhanced by public ventures, as best demonstrated in the successes of The Apprentice TV show. However, the most public venture of Trump’s life, has irreparably damaged business relationships. After Trump’s presidential bid announcement, Univision and NBC cancelled their plans to air the Miss America pageant, of which Trump was a part owner. Moreover, Trump home decor products were boycotted in Dubai, after Trump called for a ‘complete shutdown of Muslims coming to the United States’.

Besides these direct implications, the level of hatred and personal damage to Trump’s reputation has been tremendous. The ugly scenes of protest witnessed in Chicago, Arizona, and in Southern California, as well as the violent attempts towards Trump at rallies, offer insights as to the degree of public contempt and disdain among certain groups.

As a successful businessman, these costs to Trump’s personal life were unnecessary. At 69, and with an enormous net worth, a run for President was not an attempt at career advancement, or an effort to seek public recognition, in a lifetime full of triumph and prosperity. Instead, a sense of higher morality, and purpose, has throughout informed this presidential campaign, and Trump’s ambitions for the country and world.

Thus, to assert that Trump is a progressive, and by extension a cunning, misleading figure with only power in his sights, is an ill- founded conclusion. While it is understandable for some to have regrets at the current predicament, as time moves forward, division invoked by pushers of the ‘NeverTrump’ movement, will only strengthen the Clinton camp, and ultimately, a continuation of Barrack Obama and his legacy.


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