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Clooney clueless 

Hollywood A- lister and progressive Saint George Clooney, has recently ramped up his attacks on Donald Trump. Not for the first time, Clooney has attempted to smear Trump, through his predictable, familiar, holier- than thou tone, to most likely no avail. The more Clooney repeats his rehearsed jibes, the further he appears out of touch with ordinary Americans. These cheap, meaningless attacks were demonstrated yesterday, as Clooney whinged; ‘There is not going to be a President Donald Trump. Fear is not going to be something that drives our country’.

This deluded, woefully constructed conclusion, discredits much of the intelligence that George Clooney purports to have. A movement, which mobilises millions of people, whether they be poor, rich, white, black, Hispanic or other, is merely regarded as ‘hate’, through the lenses of the contemptuous Clooney. Evidently, one must beg the logical yet unavoidable question; how disconnected can the elite left become?

Trumpism, or whatever term it might be ascribed, is a movement, of tremendous populist appeal. That this continues to be ignored, reflects a great cognitive dissonance, and poor judgement, among much of the left.

Furthermore, through communicating with others, and viewing reactions from individuals, on forums such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and others, I have come to the following conclusion. I predict, that as Clooney, and others, excessively and unnecessarily criticise the nature of Donald Trump, and his brazen, unapologetic manner, this shall only enhance Trumps’ overall chances of victory.

Ultimately, these attempts to take down arguably the Presidential front- runner, will be self- defeating, for two major reasons. Disregarded by the likes of leftists, name recognition, is a crucial element in winning elections in the US, and as a consequence of greater attention being drawn to Trump, irrespective of whether this be through negative or positive publicity, such condemnations will only reinforce the Republican’s superiority in this area.

Likewise, average voters, who are exhausted by political correctness, and of being increasingly intimidated towards the fringes of societal participation, are likely to strengthen their resolve in the face of these petty, superfluous insults, and become more determined than ever to elect a President Trump.

6 thoughts on “Clooney clueless 

  1. Clooney, in his view, is someone who perceives himself as an ardent in-the-know political leader for those who follow him or somehow respect his opinion. So clueless, as someone who has made millions of dollars for appearing in movies through nepotism, he somehow fails to understand the free market system and capitalism that allowed him to ruin Bellagio and all the rest of Northern Italy for me with his purchasing a home there…among other things…

  2. Damn straight! A lot of mainstream, middle of the road moderates, Democrats and Republicans that I know are going to vote for him, and there isn’t an ounce of hate behind their actions except for the hate they hold for Hillary Clinton. Aside for his immigration policies, which I don’t know anyone outside for ardent leftists who disagrees with them, Trump is pretty darn moderate.

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