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Outrageous disrespect

A month ago or so, in no uncertain terms, I condemned the savage beheading of a Catholic priest, by Islamic State on Easter Friday. The occasion presented another one of those scenarios which caused me to ponder; ‘what would happen if this happened to a Muslim? How far- reaching and cataclysmic would the reaction be, if any Muslim was disgraced in such a manner’?

Similarly, some events in Sydney yesterday, sparked a comparable thought- provoking reaction within me. If Christians were responsible for the following crime, and Muslims the victim, both the headlines produced, and the hellish backlash, would surely reign down in extraordinary proportions. In a manner generally above even the most heinous of individuals, Australia’s Islamic community has now sunk to an incredible low. A Muslim man, Muhammed Ibrahim, was charged with destroying Orthodox Christian graves. The villainous individual reportedly damaged up to 70 graves, and on his way out from court today, even attempted to run the media down with his Jeep.

The act of vandalizing the places of the dead, is beyond the realms of any reasonable individual, no matter their grievance. Muhammed Ibrahim, is evidently beyond any degree of reasoning, to carry out such an evil deed. Clearly, more than just youth or community frustration is at play here. As such, the only logical explanation for this malevolent event, is most probably the influence of Islam. Surah 8, verse 55 of the Quran, establishes disbelievers as being ‘the vilest of animals’. For a religion that purportedly promotes justice and tolerance, this verse presents a major contradiction, and provides arguable reasoning for the despicable actions of Muhammed Ibrahim and others.


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