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I’ve already decried the loathsome selection of the surpassingly arrogant, obnoxious Waleed Aly for the Gold Logie, and his subsequent attainment of this prize. Beyond this foolish decision, in his victory speech, Aly showed exactly why he represents the very epitome of regressive, loony- left thinking.

Picture yourself for a moment, in Aly’s shoes. You’d think you’d humbly acknowledge the significance of your achievement and show gratification towards those who aided your career progression?

Wrong! Instead, a ludicrous reference to racism stole the show, in which our favourite Islamopologist referred to his experience with a supposed figure named ‘Mustafa’, who explained to Aly; ‘I can’t use that name or I won’t get a job’.

Extraordinary, even for such a leading leftist, that the irony of complaining about racism, whilst a minority was receiving such a major media prize, escaped our latest Gold Logie winner.

If occasions like this; a brown- skinned, Muslim receiving such an important recognition for their work in the media, which I would normally expect to be a time of great revelry and celebrations for leftists, turn into a time of lectures, self- hatred, and moral punishment for the terrible racial injustices we purportedly are complicit in promoting, I believe progressive individuals to be literally beyond any form of debate or reason.


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