Islam in Europe

Islamosavages in Germany

News has broken of an Islamist attack at a train station near Munich, Germany. Reportedly, a man shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before stabbing 4 people, which has left 1 man dead and 3 others with critical injuries. The aftermath of this attack should prove significant, as considering Cologne and other comparable events, there is now compelling evidence of the scale of Angelo Merkel’s treason. Surely, even Merkel can no longer distort or deny the Islamic threat, and the immeasurable harm her policies have inflicted upon the German people. After all of the damage caused, the time has come, for Merkel to accurately and reasonably respond to this most recent attack, and to publicly admit that Germany’s immigration policies have catastrophically veered the nation off course.

Should this seemingly unavoidable admission of reality be ignored, it is not outrageously farfetched, that in reflections on her reign in 25-30 years, Merkel’s record would fall not terribly far behind that of Adolf Hitler’s, in terms of damage caused to both Germany and the continent.


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4 thoughts on “Islamosavages in Germany

  1. Hühner kommen nach Hause zum roost ie The chickens come home to roost!

    Willkommen Syrer , Libyer , Iraker , Iraner , Pakistaner , Somalier , Yeminis , Bangladescher blah die Tore der deutschen Nation blah sind immer offen für Sie!

    Germany should have been cautious before allowing “refugees” to simply walk in!

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