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Waleed Aly wins a logie

Last night, Waleed Aly won the Gold Logie prize, at the AACTA awards. For now, the rapturous joy of the PC crew is in perpetual motion, as they revel over their adored manipulator. The loathsome #ilridewithyou pales in comparison now, with this the most profound mainstreaming of Islamopologist, deceptive and ill- informed propaganda yet.

To state things truthfully, Waleed Aly has consistently proved to be a disingenuous, deceitful journalist, whose talents are enormously embellished, by the regressive left. Perhaps Waleed’s landmark moment as host of Ten’s The Project show, and the ultimate epitome of his sheer arrogance, was his famed 5 minute response towards the Islamic State attack in Paris.

For the most part, the sequence was a concerted effort, to deny the scope and extent of the Islamic threat. Aly proceeded dismiss the global and connected nature of jihad, describing a New York terrorist attack as a ‘bloke running around New York with a hatchet, attacking people’. Likewise, Aly contemptuously implored Australians to come together, and show ‘more love’, as if it were some sort of panacea to Islamic terrorism. In the world of Waleed, those that raise attention to the atrocities of Islamic terrorism, are like- minded to those that committed the atrocities of the Paris terror attacks. For us to criticize Islam, we would be supposedly doing ‘exactly what ISIL want’.

On a different yet equally concerning occasion, Aly took aim at acclaimed freedom fighter Ayaan Hirsi Ali, when he labelled her a ‘rock star’, and ‘attention seeking’. Yes, according to our newest Gold Logie winner, a person who escapes Islamic terrorists with her life barely in tact, is attention seeking. A person who has experienced genital mutilation, is purportedly misleading the public in a terribly distorted direction, as to the true meaning of Islam.

This inherently smug and righteous nature of Waleed Aly, in the face of totally contradicting evidence, may escape the attention of some, but cannot do so for all. Moreover, rationalizing the Muslim victimhood narrative, and the vociferous smearing of non- consenting individuals who see through this fabrication, should never be promoted in any way as above anything, it is the same technique that is employed by the Islamic state, and other Islamist groups. Aly might have had a powerful victory last night, however, his scheming ways cannot fool all of us.

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