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London’s first Muslim mayor

In 30 years, today will likely be remembered, but for all the wrong reasons. London has elected its first Muslim mayor; Labour politician Sadiq Khan, and this result will not be without consequence. Sure, advocates of Sadiq Khan and like- minded multiculturalists perceive this as an indication of London’s growing diversity and tolerance, and view the election of Muslim mayor to be a call for celebration.

Regardless, the ascent of a practicing, British Muslim to the office of London mayor; the city centre- stage to ending slavery, creating the English language, establishing capitalism and defeating German imperialists on two occasions, is in my eyes, a regrettable development. In principle, the election of a Muslim to any high office in the West, provides a powerful signal of Western decadence and decline. The world as we know it may not end tomorrow, nonetheless, this result is emblematic of an enlargement of the Islamic thrust into London, and other major European cities. No doubt, those that view Islamic immigration and high birth rates as a means of conquest, will be gratified by these circumstances.

My principled views aside, this occurrence is made further disturbing, by allegations made against Sadiq Khan, that read all too familiar among an ordinary ‘moderate’ Muslim. Khan has been accused of making nine appearances alongside Sulaiman Ghani, an Islamist cleric who has declared his support for the Islamic State. True, an exclusively guilt by association charge cannot be conclusive evidence of Khan’s Islamist leanings. Yet, when compounded with his description of moderate Muslim groups as ‘Uncle Tom’s’ (a black man considered to be excessively obedient or servile to whites), it is made astonishing that such a record can be so easily dismissed or forgotten, amongst the supporters and voters of Sadiq Khan. Khan has since apologized for his untoward denigration of moderate Muslims, but given the doctrine of Taqiyya, having belief in some kind of inner transformation is foolish at best.

This recent turn of events, is merely the latest preventable and inexcusable Islamic surge into Britain. It represents an identity change of the highest order, and is something that should not and cannot ever be accepted.

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  1. At the very least, no one will be able to criticize him without being called Islamaphobic. Just like we can’t criticize Obama without being called racist. So there will be little resistance to his policies, and little by little….. bye bye London.

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