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Congratulations Trump

This morning I woke to fantastic news; Donald Trump had won the primary in Indiana! Subsequently, Ted Cruz has dropped out of the Presidential race, and the bizarre and dismissable actions of John Kasich aside, Trump is certain to become nominee for the Republican Party in this Presidential race.

In particular, I believe it is important to discuss one certain idea, that has and will continue to be emphasised following Trump’s latest victory. While Trump has been winning some recent polls, many pundits state that in a hypothetical match up against Hilary Clinton (a scenario that appears highly likely), a Clinton would be the likely winner, due to her supposed more far reaching and broad appeal.

I do not subscribe to this line of argument whatsoever, nor am I likely to in the coming weeks or months. I see the situation, and the impending clash of Trump and Clinton, through a different lense.

Publicly, Clinton may state her delight in Trump becoming the Republican nominee, giving her an ideal opportunity to contrast her progressive pragmatism with the bigotry of Trump. Privately, however, is most probably a situation unrecognisable from any campaign rhetoric that may follow along such lines. 

I believe that Clinton, behind closed doors, is fearing the relentless, tireless, and unpredictable nature of The Donald. The epitome of the establishment, the future of the ‘new’ Republican Party, and a much revered Libertarian, as realised through Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul, were all effortlessly crushed by Trump, throughout the campaign, as a consequence of cunning insults and intellect. Deep down, though she may not publicly express it, Clinton fears this fate, and that the term ‘Crooked Hilary’, may resonate all too well with the American public.

The seemingly inevitable match up between Clinton and Trump promises to be entertaining, compelling and not without great surprise. However, do not believe everything you hear about a potneia Clinton landslide, as reality is far more complex and multi- faceted, than your average Left- Wing journalist may put it.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Trump

  1. FreedomFighter 1995,
    Thank you for your like on a post I wrote in Feb. We have somewhat different views on Donald Trump, but I appreciate you taking the time to read my post.

    I am a conservative, not affiliated with either major American political party. But it is not clear that Trump is all that conservative, especially on the social issues that are important to me. He’s what Americans often call a “loose cannon”. He could shake up US government in a good way, but it’s equally possible he would alienate most of our allies around the world with his habit of speaking before he thinks an issue through. Not that Hillary Clinton would be a better choice . . .

    1. Thankyou, I totally respect your viewpoint. I think Donald Trump is beginning to become more ‘presidential’ as time goes on. Some may doubt his conservativeness due to his past positions, but you know who else had political views that evolved? Ronald Reagan.

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