Refugee sets herself on fire

It has been revealed this morning, that the second refugee on Nauru detention in as many weeks, has set herself on fire. Currently, the 21 year old Somali woman is fighting for her life with critical injuries, and has been flown back to Australia.

The blame of this tragedy, should be placed on the shoulders of the refugee advocates, their lawyers, and the Greens, who seek to paint an aghast and Guantanamo bay- like scenario in the Nauru detention centre, and encourage refugees to behave in ways which reinforce these constructed perceptions. Ultimately this serves the Left’s own interests, through creating its grand fantasy of open borders and cultural suicide.

The advocates tell refugees that protest, such as setting themselves alight, will earn their permanent residency in Australia. Immigration minister Peter Dutton reflected these concerns, as he criticized the ‘advocates and others who are in contact with those in regional processing centres and who are encouraging some of these people to behave in a certain way believing that that pressure exerted on the Australian Government will see a change in our policy in relation to our border protection measures’.

After claiming 2 victims in such a sinister, yet insouciant manner, surely now the left wing pushing, prodding and brainwashing of refugees, will begin to taper down. Politics will always be politics, but even for the Left, a higher sense of duty and morality, considering the harm they are inflicting upon the desperate and disenfranchised, will emerge.

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