2 thoughts on “Common sense

  1. They do pose a problem, that’s for sure. The policies they put into place seem caring but, in fact, encourage people to languish on public assistance. They support the “can’t do” attitude and even foster it. In essence, even though SOME mean well, they’re often stealing the dignity of those they say they’re trying to help. There are plenty of Black leaders who are complicit in this too…Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton (just to name a couple).

    I could write a whole book about this topic…

    1. Yes very interesting. It’s interesting that since the 60s, and the civil rights movement developed, high school drop out rated, illegitimacy rates, drug and crime rates have all worsened. A somewhat comparable situation here in Australia with our aboriginals. Those who seek good intentions, certainly do not always bring about the desired impacts.

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