A good opportunity

Attention freedom fighters! A petition has been developed in the past few hours, aimed at removing Andrew O’ Keefe, as co- host of the nationwide morning show Sunrise. In his interview with Geert Wilders, and in the featured debate with Mark Latham, O’Keefe has repeatedly demonstrated the characteristics we associate with the regressive left; a patrionising, biased and condescending interview style among other unenviable traits. If someone aims to purport left- wing ideals, I see nothing particularly objectable about that. However, a holier-than-thou, smuggish attitude towards others with different viewpoints, is far too common, and through democratic and reasonable means we have a duty to object this. Andrew O’ Keefe should be recognized for what he truly is; is a cunning, expert manipulator of facts, and reason, so I invite any of my viewers, whether you be Australian or of other nationalities, to sign the petition on the below link.


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