Islam in Australia

More details on the Anzac Day terror plot

Yesterday, we heard of yet another thwarted Anzac Day terror plot. A 16 year old Muslim boy was charged with planning or preparing to commit a terrorist act, which police say was planned to occur at a Anzac Day event. However, today we have learned more details about the arrest. Reportedly, the boy had been enrolled in a de- radicalisation program for over a year, prior to his arrest.

Now this may be viewed by some as an insignificant or minor element, in a case which surely would contain many; which could prompt public concerns, fears or debates. But here and now, this recent arrest should serve as a firm example, of the poorly directed and pathetically inadequate nature of ‘de- radicalisation programs’.

The very term ‘de-radicalistion’ helps to paint a picture of the woefully erroneous strategies used to combat political Islam. It assumes Muslims who become ‘radicalized’ are exclusively prayed upon online, and fall victim to sinister, death cult ideologies, merely due to their vulnerability and the capacity of others to manipulate them. Whilst partially true, this mode of thinking blatantly avoids the truth in respect to the religious components central to Islamic terrorism; jihad, and the eternal desire to expand the Dar- al Islam (House of Islam), through attacking and submitting the Dar- al Harab (House of War). If any person; insane, sane or otherwise, believes that god is commanding them to ‘fight in the cause of Allah’ (Surah 2, verse 244) or ‘Strike at their necks wherever ye find them'(Surah 47, verse 4), then these actions will be carried out, irrespective of condemnations from the morally corrupt disbelievers. It a simple equation, but one our politicians and many ‘counter terrorism experts’ refuse to acknowledge. There is no set amount of debate and reason that can convince an Islamist to abandon their supremacist ideology; as evidenced in this most recent terrorism arrest, as we can merely hope that at an individual and personal level, these monsters wake up to the lunacy of their actions and beliefs.


To put it bluntly, Muslims throughout the nation already place an enormous strain on Australia. Whether this is the pressures placed on our welfare systems, the increased security and surveillance, or military involvements in the Middle East, the burdens of the Muslim problem, given their relatively small nature in terms of population, are rather extraordinary. Let us not compound the issue further, by wasting further money on these publicity- driven, superfluous programs regardless of their disguise.



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