The transgender insanity

If ever there was a set of trends and concerns more worthy of the term ‘First World problems’, I would be rather perplexed. The transgender hoopla has especially intensified in recent weeks, due to the ‘anti- LGBT’ laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi. I believe that these laws introduced are rich in common sense; that those whose physical sex is male or female, should go to the toilets for which their biology prescribed. To do anything otherwise, would be an abandonment of reason and most importantly, a betrayal to the transgender individuals who dangerously pursue this metaphorical unicorn, and far too often bring about an early death.

Instead, we have a situation, when world famous musicians, in Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen, decide to boycott playing in some of these southern states, and act to protest the existence of these laws. This is mind boggling to say the least, and it shows how out of touch the elitist, progressive movement, is with ordinary people.

And yet, leading Western singers visit all kinds of places throughout the world, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, that have human rights abuses that would making a laughing stock out of the mentally deranged transgender- ites and their supporters. Why wouldn’t Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, or other famous figures, use their publicity as a tool, to condemn slavery in the parts of Africa, the execution of homosexuality throughout the Middle East, the terrorism of Boko Haram, or the cruel lashing of women in Indonesia? Why is there such a cognitive dissonance when comparing the favourable and human- rights friendly Western countries, with virtually all other areas of the world?

After quite some time, I remain befuddled in answering these questions. In any case, they must be asked, for a spade must be called a spade, and insanity laced with great peril must be recognized.


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