Barrack Obama

Obama showing further signs of Islamist tendencies

Despite mounting evidence suggesting Saudi involvement in the 2001 attacks on the World Trade centre, Barrack Obama has continued to reinforce his solidarity with the rogue state. This inexplicable like- mindedness shared with possibly the most barbaric state in the world, has been showcased in Barrack Obama’s promise to veto the upcoming Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which would hold Saudi Arabia accountable for the September 11 attacks, and allow families of the victims to sue the Saudi government. This opposition comes despite the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, or that the legislation has been thus far bipartisan. Obama’s opposition towards the Act is made further damning, given the widely- known reality of Saudi Arabian export of the Wahhabi ideology worldwide, which advocate much of the core principles that inspire Islamo- Supremacist groups such as the  Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

Predictably, this has angered Riyadh as occurs whenever this matter of truth is raised, and its repeated, defensive and outlandish responses, are a clear expression of its guilt.

Sure, the American alliance with the gulf and Sunni nations, of which Saudi Arabia is a central member, is regarded as crucial to many foreign- policy experts and advisors, in order to combat the surge of Shia influence throughout the region, realized through Lebanon, Iran, Syria and Russia. This is clearly a crucial consideration in American involvement in Iraq, Syria and across the Middle East.

Nevertheless, the point has come for the United States, regardless of the reactions of the oil- rich yet backward looking Saudis, to acknowledge the truth about what occurred on 9 11. Anything less would be an act of great disrespect to the fallen Americans, and the lives of the many more who they left behind. Any respectable nation, whether they be Islamic or non- Islamic, Sunni or non- Sunni, would recognize this as an acceptable course of action.

Given this vow to continue America’s inaction on the terror capital of the world, these recent events may provide further evidence of Barrack Obama’s Islamist tendencies. However, in the slight chance that these tendencies are non- existent, this disregard for the slayed on September the 11th, would demonstrate the presence of a callous, black- hearted, and malevolent President. An American President who supports political Islam, or a pernicious President that is unresponsive to the concerns and needs of his own people? You take your pick.

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