Feminism/ Male rights

Female only parking zones?

It has come to my attention that in a Perth CBD carpark, female- only parking bays have been introduced. We can only imagine what can of worms this could open. Could it be the next battleground for mentally deranged transgender people who identify as females however have the anatomy of a male? Regardless of the hypothetical situations yet to develop from this absurd token proposal, this scheme should be called out for what it truly is; misguided feminism at best, and divisive misandry at its worst. Merely imagine if anything of this nature were to be even considered for men; the PC armies of feminists, progressives and keyboard warriors would elucidate endless waves of fiery denunciations regarding the ‘patriarchy’ and toward any male who might not subscribe to their left wing supremacist views.

When discussing matters of race, gender, age, religion or for any other social group, to move forward, we must not create needless barriers between people. Moreover, creating gender- specific parking bays will only heighten existing feelings of entitlement, bitterness, and ultimately resentment, an unnecessary but seemingly inevitable outcome of our projected progression.

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