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Malcolm Turnbull and his leadership credentials

Hardly in the existence of this blog, have I spent much time praising Malcolm Turnbull. For any supporters of the Australian Liberal party, the past 9 months have been difficult times, particularly for those on the Conservative side. But an election is approaching, and the time had come; to decide between Bill Shorten and his union hacks, or Malcolm Turnbull and a conservative, yet pragmatic political party. My own anger has dimmed, and now provides a time for more rational and measured assessment of Turnbull’s viability in serving as Australian leader.

Turnbull is no staunch conservative, but aspects of his record have shown enough, in my view, that he possesses a willingness to compromise with the right of Liberal party, combining with his own moderate ideology. This compromise, while not as appealing to me as Tony Abbott, is enough to compel me to vow my support to the Liberal party, and Turnbull as our Prime Minister for the next three years.

Turnbull has promised to the conservative wings of the Liberal party a number of things; the maintenance of the strong naval protection of Australian borders, and the non- reintroduction of either the Mining or Carbon taxes. The issue of gay marriage has not been hastened under his Prime Ministership, as Turnbull has remained committed in the Abbott government’s promise to a plebisicite after the election.

Beyond these promises, our Prime Minister has injected common sense and decency into the political debate, on certain occasions. On Friday, the Turnbull government’s economic plan appeared to resonate with past financial austerity commitments; primarily established by Tony Abbott, when Turnbull proclaimed; “This budget will not be about a fistful of dollars, it will be about prudence, fairness and responsibility to our future generations”.

Turnbull also won much of my respect in his response to the Brussels terror attacks. In contrast to the feeble reactions from Europe, the Malcolm Turnbull used the attacks as an opportunity to reinforce the need for strong borders, and for strict and intensive vetting over immigrants, to further safeguard Australia’s security. This showcased a clear point of difference to the disastrous trajectory that Europe is headed in, and while our leader knows very little about Islam, these statements displayed a sense of responsibility, and a genuine care and concern for the Australian people.

Malcolm Turnbull is far from my preferred leader of our country, and this is unlikely to ever change. Nonetheless, he has demonstrated a degree of sensibility, and combined with his more moderate stances, Turnbull presents a strong case to be re- elected by the Australian people in the upcoming Federal election. Australia has had Labor governments before, and witnessed the economic and security disasters it has historically wreaked, and this should be avoided at all costs. Thus, for lack of a better option, and combined with his own strengths, Malcolm Turnbull is the right person to lead Australia after the next election.



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