Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

What has changed?


Sydney, Dallas, Paris, New York, Brussels. Notable parts of the past few years have been dominated by Islamic terror attacks, and discussion surrounding it, all the while the West has watched its civilization collapse through its treasonous and apathetic lense. The monotonous response of world leaders, particularly towards the recent attack in Brussels, underscores widespread feelings of acceptance regarding the current climate. ‘It’s ok, I’m sure this will end once we are nicer to Muslims‘ or ‘If I say the truth, it may inflame tensions‘, seems to be thoughts within the minds of many world leaders. Am I exaggerating? Think they want to make a difference? How else can you explain that Barrack Obama, the supposed leader of the free world, proceeded to watch a baseball match, immediately after the Brussels attacks which claimed the lives of dozens? Or how can you justify the plain, emotionless response from the Belgian Prime Minister, who responded to the horrific news in a lethargic, seemingly careless manner. I need not know the verbal language that Charles Michel was speaking, as his body language revealed a leader demonstrating an extreme reluctance to confront reality, a trait seen far too often.

After every atrocity, without exception, world leaders simply regurgitate the same insulting and tokenism- centered responses, which consist of stating the need to ‘show solidarity’ as well as vowing to ‘not let violent acts change our way of life’. They waffle, and offer worthless gestures, while chaos reigns, and while they remain steadfast in their commitment, to not even consider the truth. If you use the barbarity that occurred on September 11 as a point of comparison, in an age in which we were meant to be engaged in the ‘war on terrorism’, engaged in a conflict against a new and motivated enemy, if anything has changed since the date, the world has become less safe. Mass Islamic immigration has continued, the Islamist ideology has further spread, and in particular Jews, homosexuals, women, and apostates have come under enormous threat.

I sincerely hope there to be a way out of the current situation, before it further escalates. I genuinely pray that the voices of the silent majority grow greater, and people who are ordinary middle Australians, Americans, Europeans, or wherever they may be, find solutions and ways out of the status quo. Despite repeated events of terror, very, very little substantive change is taking place, to halt or to minimize the risk of further hostilities. If there is no light at the end of the tunnel, and if the desperate are driven entirely into the ground, a new rise of genuinely Fascist and far- right political movements will likely emerge.

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  1. Excellent post, thank you for putting it up. Going to reblog this one for you, hopefully it will help draw a few more folks to your site for you.

  2. The biggest obstacle is the political correctness that so many of our politicians….here in the US and Down Under…..feel they have to champion. PC wins out over common sense and security in the eyes of politicians. Apparently Western Civilization is worth sacrificing, especially since it is not ‘inclusive enough’ to satisfy the citizens who are from non-Western parts of the world. What rubbish!

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