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More barbarism

In an utterly outrageous manner, the Islamic State executed a Catholic priest on Good Friday, via its customary method of beheading. That this execution was carried out on such a holy day for Christianity, is totally indicative of the endless persecution routinely faced by Christians in the Middle East.

And yet, it is staggering to think that the Left leads far too many to believe that Muslims are the primary victim group. Imagine, only for a second, if a Muslim was murdered during Ramadan, and soaked in pig blood by a militant Christian group. Muslim anger would explode like nothing seen before, at the very least resulting in hundreds of deaths and mass destruction. On the flipside, we have seen virtually no acts of protest against this brutal murder from the Christian or Western world. These acts of barbarism have come to be an accepted norm as a part of living in 2016.

Obviously, for morality’s sake, and for the reputation of the anti- Islamic movement, I would not advocate for any retribution against innocent Muslims in response to this event, or for any other related fiendish act. Moreover, I would never want to see Christians carry out childish and senseless riots, reminiscent of the Muslim responses to the Danish cartoons, as well as the riots seen on September 11 2012.

Nevertheless, comparing the responses of Christians, and that of Muslims in their reactions towards vaguely related events, serves as a fine example of the intolerance existing in Islam. We must stop treating Muslims with a special brush, for there is no unique or unrivalled discrimination they face. If anyone were to be granted a special brush, I would give it to Christians, who on a global basis know far more about hardship than the Islamophobic pushing, scam- spreading followers of the ‘religion of peace’ do.

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  1. Actually, the reason there wasn’t any loud protests or cries of dismay, is that the main stream media pushed this act way down it’s list of priorities. Yes, the norm for media is “If it bleeds, it leads”, but when it comes to Islamic terrorism, unless it’s blatant like Brussels or Paris, the item is hurriedly hidden and pushed away. The main stream media is nothing like it was 40, even 30 years ago. Whatever is PC is what the media aims for. Yes, people pillory Fox News, but Fox tries. CNN is more worried about things that affect a special segment of society, and MSNBC hasn’t a clue. The regional and local news outlets are afraid of their own governments, and, as such, doesn’t seriously pursue anything that might cause their own discomfort. Journalists and reporters now would rather use Google or Bing than actively go after news. It’s through means such as this blog that the truth comes out, painful as it may be…

    1. Thankyou that’s much appreciated! Media bias has something to do with it, but I think more broadly people have come to accept the status quo with Islam in our societies and in the world. That’s not good enough for me

    1. Still, Christians in all parts of the world havent done anything show their anger. If he was a westerner then maybe there would be more reaction, however overall I think it serves as a valid example/

  2. It seems to all be part of the plans, as there are two plans. The left, PC spouting plan and God’s plan. It will only escalate more and more.

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