Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton

Carson for VP?

Some speculation, albeit minor, is beginning to mount regarding the possibility of Ben Carson running as a Vice- Presidential candidate, alongside Donald Trump. While I was always fond of Ben Carson, and he had some productive ideas, it was clear from the start that his credentials for President, particularly in the field of foreign policy, were not up to standard.

Nonetheless, a Ben Carson bid for the Vice Presidency, could be a very good pick in supporting Donald Trump, assuming that he wins the Republican nomination. Carson is a proud conservative, who not only showcases an open disdain for socialism, but made headlines last year in the aftermath of his comments in which he stated ‘I would not advocate we put a Muslim in charge of this nation’. These comments made him temporarily soar in popularity, particularly among the hard- right voters of the Republican party, so there should be relatively little concern over his popularity among Republicans and its more conservative factions.

Carson also has forged a highly successful career outside of politics, something that he can play to his advantage. While in Carson’s past he was an extremely successful neurosurgeon, Donald Trump’s past in business has made him billions. This could provide an extremely potent combination, against Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton, both of whom had long careers in politics, and arguably have more connections to the much- disliked Washington elite. Americans have long held distrust for their government, but the loudness of the messages of anti- establishment on the both sides of the political spectrum, have been virtually unrivaled in this election.

Carson has one more thing on his side, his skin color. Either way you look at it, if Trump picks a Vice- Presidential candidate that is an older, white male, in a sense this will play into the hands of the Democrats who seek to win the Presidency. Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have constantly been accusing Donald Trump of racism, and yet, if he were to have a black running mate, such as Carson, this would minimize the impact of such blows. The mere presence of a black Vice- Presidential candidate alongside Donald Trump, would be highly beneficial on the campaign trail.

Carson has the correct combination between conservative principles, as well as disregard for political correctness and career politicians. Given that, and the diversity and flexibility that his ethnicity provides, I would indeed advocate that Carson is considered very carefully as a possible running mate for Donald Trump.

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