The Left wing epitomized

Going online this morning brought to my attention some especially unpleasant news. Reports have revealed that the office of Cory Benardi, the conservative Liberal senator, has been trashed and vandalized by student protesters, who promised to stop ‘Australia’s Trump’. The protesters, whom Benardi described as ‘lefty totalitarians’, also intimidated staff, and scrawled slogans all over the walls of the office.

To me, it is of negligible importance as to what these students were protesting about. The fact that there are members of our society who seek to coerce, threaten and damage the property of a democratically elected official, is of of great concern. These events draw parallels with the recent riots in Chicago, and more broadly the degenerative position in which the left has found itself situated in the modern day.

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    1. Thankyou I’ve got nothing but respect for that. I think we all have to be considerate and there are also some morons on the right as well (as I’ve blogged about). But we’ve all got to be reasonable to figure everything out between opposing people. Thanks for your comment!

  1. I think it is no surprise that leftists are behaving this way all over the world presently. I live in the USA and the surge in leftist violence here is a planned occurrence. George Soros, the leftist billionaire and unrepentant Nazi collaborator, is spending millions to fund groups of radicals to riot and attempt to disrupt the political campaigns of conservative candidates, Donald Trump’s in particular.
    Soros is a globalist. He wants to end the USA. Globalists seek to merge countries first into larger countries. For example, they want Canada, the USA, and Mexico to merge into what they would call the North American Union (NAU), similar to the EU. Their longer term goal is a world government, with a world bank, and a world currency. They have written of these plans, so this is not conjecture on my part.
    To get people to join this movement they are using sophisticated media campaigns as well as forming what are ostensibly grass roots organizations. These organizations are all leftist in nature. The suffering economies of the world are part of the plan. When people are poor they are more willing to listen to politicians who push socialism or some other form of wealth redistribution. That might seem counter intuituve. Why would a rich man want socialism? Wouldn’t that take his money away? The answer is that the leaders of socialism and the other leftist “isms”, or rather their governments, control all the wealth of the country. Soros and his wealthy leftist buddies would be the ones in charge, just as they are now pulling strings behind the scenes. That huge river of money flowing through leftist governments is easy to steal from. The other benefit is that in socialist governments, the people are easier to control.
    Soros and his buddies in the globalist movement are funding leftist groups all over the world. The people who vandalized that politician’s office are “useful idiots” of the wealthy globalists. That is my guess.

  2. Not only in Australia, but out here in Asia too, we have reports from countries (few) that are Democracies or claim to be “Secular” Democracies, gangs and hooligans who claim to be affiliated with “Left” or “Mao-Lenin-Stalin Brigade”are on a rampage shouting Anti-National intolerant and unacceptable slogans gatecrashing or organizing “cultural” events!

    Its time that this kind of debased “Left” is reined in and crushed before they make our daily lives more miserable than ever before!

    No one needs to understand much what “Left” dominated countries went or are going through!



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