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Bernie Sanders has left himself down

From the beginning, I have held sound levels of respect for Bernie Sanders. It should go without saying that I disagree with his political beliefs rather enormously, however, I value the existence of people like Sanders, that stay true to their moral compass and core beliefs, throughout the passage of time and changes in cultural trends. Sanders’ messages of democratic socialism , while proving to be immensely well- received in this Presidential campaign, have been largely consistent throughout his life, and for that, he deserves credit. Moreover, Sanders has presented himself as a figure which for the majority of the campaign, has carried himself in accordance with decency and well- mannered behavior.

Although, in the past day or so, Bernie Sanders, the man admired by millions and respected by many more, has poorly reflected upon himself, and has let his entire movement down. Sanders, like so many other left- leaning politicians before him, has recently pandered to the regressive and ever-intolerant left. In the context of the mass protests outside of a Donald Trump rally in Chicago, which witnessed widespread violence, Sanders gave a response that deeply disappointed me, as well as many other free- minded and open thinkers, who believe in the fundamental right to free speech. Instead of focusing energy and criticism on the violent protesters, who clearly have a problem with Trump merely expressing his opinions and views, Sanders sided with the some of the worst thugs of Chicago.

This sympathy for violence and hatred became apparent as Sanders blamed Trump personally for creating the protests, stating; “What caused the protests at Trump’s rally is a candidate that has promoted hatred and division against Latino’s, Muslims, women, and people with disabilities, and his birther attacks against the legitimacy of President Obama”.

Clearly, Sanders has refused to condemn the morally bankrupt, and instead, has excused for savagery, in his suggestion that controversial remarks can legitimize the violent protests witnessed on Friday, which wounded police officers.

Historically, an obvious suggestion would be that disagreements with Trump or any other political figure, cannot, will not, and should not to any degree justify actions of brute force. And yet, as times change, and the Fascist left hijack control, it is a suggestion increasingly shifting towards the fringes of debate.

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