Islam in Australia · Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull appeasing

Australia’s continual darling of the media, Malcolm Turnbull, after taking ‘selfies’ at Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade, has visited the Islamic council of Victoria. Turnbull stated that Muslims are a ‘valued and respected part of the Australian family’, while singing his praises for a group that in truth has done comparatively little for this country. British, Irish, Greek, Italian, and Vietnamese immigrants contributed far more to the Australia that exists today. The fact that Muslims require additional and special praise in order to respond positively towards the Australian state, tells me that a mindset of permanent victimhood has become entrenched.

I would also say this. As Turnbull has shown an aptitude in expressing his admiration for Islam, surely its about time he became more honest and balanced in discussions about Muslims. Among many things, he could address the fact that in 2011, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, proposed the instilment of Sharia Law into the legal system. How about discussing that? It would be only fair if Turnbull discussed the ins and outs of Sharia Law. Does he believe that the segregation of men and women, or that discrimination towards women in inheritance matters falls under the broad banner of ‘innovation’? Of course this balanced mindset would never come into fruition, at least under this Prime Minister. The misleading, distorting way that Malcolm Turnbull presents Islam to the Australian people is a great disservice, and is fraudulent to anyone who has honesty in their sights.



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