Islam in Europe

Beyond disturbing

A Muslim woman has been found holding a severed head outside of a  Moscow metro station, while shouting Allahu Akbar, and threatening to blow herself up. The babysitter severed the head of the child she was previously left to care after, and has since been arrested. Again, we have a vile and repulsive action being carried out under the banner of the religion of peace. The global jihadist movement has tenets all across the world, even in areas that we might not expect, and this must be acknowledged. For too long Islam has inspired, justified and excused such callous acts, while remaining bereft of criticism. I can only pray that if there could be anything good that may come out of this latest atrocity, I can only hope that it would be the abrupt disrupting the left’s continued denial, and wilful ignorance about the nature of militant Islam.

3 thoughts on “Beyond disturbing

  1. Perhaps it is a little more nuanced than this, cf,
    “Given the clearly inappropriate behavior of the detainee, investigators immediately appointed a forensic psychiatric examination for her to determine the woman’s ability to realize the meaning of her actions,” representatives of the Central Investigative Department told TASS.”

    It is a sorry truism that religion is unnecessary for mental problems, but it certainly helps.

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