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Part 2 of my Barrack Obama theory


When closely examined, some of the staff within the Obama administration, have extremely questionable credentials for any role in public service, considering their links to the Islamist ideology. Before I proceed, I want to make clear that it is important to read my last post (made about Obama’s Islamic- oreintated foreign policy), prior to reading this post. In any case, I will continue with my critique of Barrack Obama, with a more specific focus on the character of some of his staff.

Eyebrows were particularly raised after a story in December 22 2012, covered by Egypt’s Rose El-Youssef magazine. The magazine claimed there to be a direct Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the US government. The magazine purported that the presence of six members of the Muslim Brotherhood, had turned the White House “from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organisations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood”. The article named Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary for Homeland Security for policy development, Mohammed Elibiary, a senior advisor from Homeland Security, Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America, Eboo Patel, a member of the advisory council on Faith- Based Neighbourhood Partnerships, Rashad Hussain, the US special envoy to the OIC, and Salam al-Marayati, co- founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Without any evidence, these claims are superfluous, as they sound not dissimilar to conspiracy theories. But when one looks at the records of some of these men, one must ask uncomfortable questions of the true intentions and nature of the President.

For instance, Arif Alikhan, is on record as labelling Islamist terror group Hezbullah as a ‘liberation movement’. He has also assisted in raising funds for the Muslim public affairs council, which has described Hamas terrorists as ‘freedom fighters’. This dangerous rhetoric from Alikhan, is only compounded given his instrumental role in removing Muslim terror tracking, in Los Angeles in 2007. It is further rumoured that Alikhan had an instrumental role in establishing US foreign policy during the Arab Spring. If this is true, it is extremely worrying.

Salam al- Maryati is another concerning figure in the Obama administration. Besides being an executive director at the Islamopologist Muslim Public Affairs Council, he has put substance to his Islamist sympathetic connections, when he stated that Muslim terrorists commit their acts for reasons of; ‘mental illnesses’ rather than ideology.

Mohammed Magid is the leader of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). During the Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing case, the ISNA along with other American Muslim groups, were named as uninsured co-inspirations and one of a number of ‘entities who are and/ or were members the US Muslim Brotherhood’. Given Magid’s status as leader of such a Islamist leaning organisation, this reinforces the questionable ties of the Obama administration.

Nevertheless, the most suspicious member of Obama’s staff, would be none other than Mohamed Elibiary, a senior advisor from Homeland Security. To state that Elibiary is a terrorist apologist, would be to barely scratch the surface. Elibiary has openly praised the late Ayatollah Khomeni (leader of the Iranian revolution), as he described him as  a ‘great Islamic visionary’. Elibiary has also described organisations such as Al Qaeda and Hamas as ‘pursuing manifestly legitimate objectives’. For a period of time, Elibiary had the 4 finger salute on his Twitter profile, considered synonymous with the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2014, this rogue advisor was sacked, after tweeting in reference to the Islamic State, that the coming of the caliphate was ‘inevitable’.

When looking at merely 4 members of the Obama administration, I initially found myself asking myself, how is it possible that these men could be allowed to attain such a position in the White House? How could any basic vetting process not cover them? In my eyes, these questions can be answered with the following response; it is likely there is something more sinister occurring.

I will say the following; I don’t know what the discussions entailed between President Obama, and his advisors. I will probably never know the specifics as to how these men influenced the President and his policies. However, from what I can gather from the President’s staff, in his Islamist- friendly foreign policy as well as his notorious staff members, I can draw the conclusion, and my theory, that I believe that it likely, that Barrack Obama has significant sympathies for the Islamic cause. I wouldn’t say that the president supports the beheadings of gays or apostates, but I believe there is enough evidence to believe that throughout his presidency, we have witnessed a degree of concerted espionage.

Among many things, Obama has been known for his incredibly apologetic stance towards Islam, and his refusal to criticize Muslims. Ted Cruz once labelled Obama’s refusal to use the phrase radical Islam, as ‘completely bizarre’. Once upon a time, I scratched my head in amazement and agreed with Cruz, at the current President’s continual rhetorical surrender to jihadist groups. Now I don’t scratch my head, as a closer look at Barrack Obama’s staff, and his foreign policy, make much more sense of the situation. Barrack Obama is likely an Islamopologist, has done irreversible damage to the United States, and in my view is the worst American President of all time.


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