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Congratulations to Donald Trump on his victory in South Carolina! After doubts in the aftermath of Iowa, Trump has now become the rageing favourite for the Republican nomination. It is time for many to accept this reality. Besides from congratulating Trump, I think it is important for all conservatives, whether in America or across the world, to admit that Donald Trump has a very real chance of being elected president. Sure, the nomination process will not be finished for a few months, but it is important for conservatives to accept this very real possibility. When you look at the Democrats, and their two candidates, it is clear that they have the potential to derail the United States for another 4-8 years of decline, and irrevocably damage the country the world so heavily relies on. Thus, it is crucial for conservatives wherever they may be, to continue supporting their candidate of choice, but yet, come to terms with the possibility of Trump winning the Republican nomination, and be prepared to offer support.

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  1. Hello Freedomfighter.

    I request your assistance in spreading the word, that our U.S. media is being very quiet about. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated.

    Besides Jeb doing so poorly, I think the reason he dropped out, was because the media didn’t want to talk about the statement Donald Trump made. SAUDI ARABIA ATTACKED US ON 9/11.. And they sure as hell didn’t want Jeb to defend himself against this statement Donald Trump made.

    I find it sad, that when trump has said things in the past, that were right, but the media perceived them as being wrong. They lit into him.

    I haven’t heard a peep from the media about Saudi Arabia attacking us on 9/11. Just like I haven’t heard a peep about Putin killing a journalist after trump was on George Stephanopolis.

    Matter of fact; I haven’t heard the media say too much about Syria, after trump said, “Let Putin help us in Syria” !!!

    SAUDI ARABIA ATTACKED US ON 9/11 ~!!!!!!!!!!!

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