Immigration/ Multiculturalism

Common sense: but this time it comes from the left

Former Australian Labor politician Bob Carr has called for Australia’s immigration intake to be reduced by a third, or potentially even halved, in an attempt to maintain Australian living standards and way of life. These calls come admist Australia’s population reaching 24 million, and increasing at a rate that Carr describes as ‘third world levels’.

Since the demise of Pauline Hanson in the early 2000’s, the voices of those who wish to reduce immigration have been ignored and/ or absent, so Carrs’ calls for a reduction is certainly welcome news. Australia is regarded as the ‘Lucky Country’, however it is indisputable that if current projected population growth continues, we will not be able sustain our land and freedom loving way of life.

There is only a finite amount of arable land in Australia, something particularly relevant, given the prevalence of arid and semi arid climates in our great continent. Increases in population will only strain these resources, and change our country in an unecessary and unwanted way.

Of course, skilled migration should be vital to the progress of any country, and only a lunatic could argue against this. But when it comes to our levels of immigration, and what will later ensure the preservation of our living standards, it is clear that Bob Carr is right, and some lowering in immigration intake would be the correct way forward.

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