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Saudi Arabia wants to go in to Syria

In the past few days, Saudi Arabia has begun to send troops to its military base in Turkey, in preparation for a potential ground invasion of Syria. The Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir has made clear they aim to eliminate Al- Assad from Syrian leadership, in stating; “There will be no Bashar- Al Assad in the future”. Russia has made absolutely clear the seriousness as to which it would treat a possible invasion in Syria, with the Russian Prime Minister warning such an action could start a world war. My views on this are simple; any invasion of Syria, which Russia and Iran is allied with, is a reckless and grave course of action. It is deeply concerning how the situation may escalate, but if anything, there is one thing I deeply wish. At the very least, it is time for the United States to discern itself from this kind of rhetoric, and more generally its alliance with Saudi Arabia, as if it is legitimate, this type of action would be a grave violation of Syria’s territory, and thus would be a provacative and war mongering move.

There are many issues in this world, that have come close to, and may come close to, bringing the world to its feet, and resulting in World War Three. However, god help us, if our next World War, is brought about by the theocratic, evil and vile Saudi regime, due to their deluded and aggressive leadership. Syria is in Russia’s sphere of influence, and any infringement upon this will be met with the sternest response. From a nuclear power, this is a very serious development, and I pray for the future security of the world.

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  1. No fly zone suggested by Angela Merkel, Germany. Might she be suggesting this at USA behest to de-escalate the America/Nato vs Russia confrontation? And it favours the USA to have a no-fly zone. Haven’t seen Russia response yet.

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