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The truth about the fight against Islamic State

For months I have been highly sceptical of the real intentions of Barrack Obama’s militiary campaign against the Islamic State. Jihadwatch has revealed that in Syria, the United States is only bombing 16 targets a day, compared to Russia’s 1888. This begs the question; what is Obama really trying to achieve in the Middle East, and more generally throughout his foreign policy? It has certainly been misaimed and ill- directed, to say the least. In a near-futureĀ post, I will seek to answer this question, and in detail reflect upon my concerns surrounding Barrack Obama.

4 thoughts on “The truth about the fight against Islamic State

  1. Sometimes less is more. 16 targets that are well-planned may be far more effective than just blindly dropping thousands of bombs. Also, the U.S. is more sensitive to collateral damage … Putin does not seem to care if he murders hundreds, or even thousands of innocent civilians. Nothing new there, though.

  2. I cannot read Obama’s mind. So lets read his actions – it seems he is “acting” to care about Islamic Terrorism. I understand how ridiculous this sounds to say this about a President, but for my money, he really does not care about it at all.

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