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Donald Trump: A real conservative or not?

After losing the Iowa caucus, criticism and doubts of Donald Trump have further developed. Among some of my own friends, and for others, a common criticism of the man is that he is not authentically conservative, and resembles more of an opportunist. In the featured image, I have taken a photo which covers most of page 100 in Donald Trump’s book, in which he details his retaliation towards these critics, and explains his own conservative credentials. For critics out there, and/ or likely Ted Cruz supporters, I would urge you to remember Ronald Reagan, in his own political shift from Democrat towards Republican, and his eternal status as conservative hero. Moreover, reading the featured image, should hopefully allay concerns over Trump’s Republican validity for many. In my view, Donald Trump has the potential to be the greatest conservative president since Ronald Reagan, and I look forward with great interest towards the upcoming result in New Hampshire.



2 thoughts on “Donald Trump: A real conservative or not?

  1. It’s worthy to note that those who worry that Trump isn’t a “real” conservative don’t seem to also lament that the so called real conservatives have been all talk, no action for the entire length of Obama’s presidency. They’ve caved and capitulated on EVERY issue. In other words, if they are conservative, they haven’t been able to deliver on a single promise to the party. What good are they?

    Personally, I could care less about labels. I want illegal immigration brought to a halt and I want ALL illegal criminals deported. I want our immigration laws enforced including penalizing those who hire illegals (thereby encouraging them to come). This is the most important issue to me since nothing else can be accomplished if we don’t have a sovereign country…the economics will NEVER work. The open border is a recipe for disaster especially in the time of increased Islamic terrorism.

    I want the refugee programs which allow young, male muslims from war torn regions into our country stopped. If the powers that be want to help refugees of this type, they should do so in their own or neighboring countries.

    TPP and the wicked trade deals now up for discussion are terrible for American workers (but great for the globalist’s interests). I want the trade deals scrapped.

    I don’t care if someone walks under the banner of foaming-at-the-mouth-liberal if they can accomplish those things. Labels don’t matter to me one bit. Once those goals have been put into place, we can fuss about all the rest of the less critical issues.

    I will vote for the candidate whose stated goals line up with my wishes and who hasn’t already shown that they will magically change positions once they’ve been elected to office…

    The current crop of “conservatives” have lost the trust of the electorate by their two-faced lying and refusal to actually do what they say they are going to. They’re useless.

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