International aid

More misaimed aid from Australia

A bit over a month ago, I put up a post detailing my reasoning as to why Australia should cut its foreign aid to Indonesia. Given its human rights violations, and its marked hostility towards Australia, its seemed nonsensical for aid to be be granted for Indonesia, or any other similar country that openly showcases such a marked distaste for our own values. Clearly, the Australian government has not listened to that message, as evidenced by foreign minister Julie Bishop recently pledging 24 million dollars in aid for the country. Pakistan’s exhaustive human rights violations, and its epidemic corruption, hardly make for strong arguments in any case for further aid. Australia’s sponsoring of states and regimes that in many cases hold diametrically opposing values, and actively demonstrate anti-Western sentiment, appears set to continue. And to top this off, Julie Bishop claimed that Pakistan, the renowned safe haven for Osama Bin Laden, shares “common interests in countering transnational crimes”. Give me a break.

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