Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

More pandering 

Today marks world hijab day. That is all well and great, but where is a similar globally recognized and emphasised day for Buddhism, Hinduism, or Sikhism? Stuck in the perennial idea that Muslims are victims, all this day represents is a tenet of political correctness, and excessive pandering to Islam.

4 thoughts on “More pandering 

    1. Absolutely! The left’s coddling of Islam is counterintuitive. The only issue they agree on is hating the West, other than that their views are diametrically opposed. Yet, they embrace Islam, whereas the vilify Christianity and even Judaism.

    2. Yes well said. I believe that it is the apologists, those that excuse terrorist attacks, and repeatedly call for no criticism for Islam are serial offenders, as with expectations low, results will be low.

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