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Implications of a decline in Christian values

I am a young person, and my religious connections developed as such. Most young people in Australia are at least agnostic/atheist, or not truly engaged with the fundamentals of their faith, which probably reflected my own religious views.  I consider myself to be agnostic, and from what I perceive to be from a rationally informed perspective, I believe the existence of any God is unfounded and unproven. In the last 30-40 years, much of society’s discourse regarding Christianity, has been to discredit and discard its importance, and admittedly I have previously empathised with some of these attempts.

Despite the fact that I have no current ambitions to practice any religion, I have in recent times concluded that an open rejection of Christian values, is a sign of western decadence. One way in which a decline of Christian values has damaged the fabric of our society, has been the open encouragement of increasingly sexual behaviour in Western media. Movies, magazines, and music, routinely idolise those who have multiple sexual partners. It goes without saying, that individuals are free to choose whatever action they decide in a free society.

Regardless, the results of this cultural trend, and the rejection of Christian values, are indisputably the lower birth rates that exist in particular in Europe, as well as in Australia and the United States. Clearly, education and economic developments have some role to play in lowering birth rates. But when men and women opt to leave relationships to attain more sexual partners, in order to conform with societal pressures, this behaviour is unequivocally damaging to birth rates. When a civilisation loses its convictions, loses its sense of superiority and belief, it comes under threat. Islamic birth rates in western countries threaten Western identity, culture, and way of life. Nonetheless, much of the reason this situation exists, is due to the West’s own inadequacy, and the decline of the family.

I am an enormous supporter of Western countries like my own, and the levels of freedom, economic development and artistic and scientific expression that has been created throughout the ages. Nevertheless, if I were to discover that the West faced an inevitable collapse, I would resent such a change, and yet, it it clear that in such a transition, some internal responsibility must be taken.

All of the feminists, the leftists, and those who lack a conviction and belief in Western and Christian values, these individuals will hold some responsibility for any potential collapse. We are up a against a disciplined, well informed and ideological opponent, which is against  a group of societies that too often lacks belief in its own culture and heritage.

Perhaps the West will die, perhaps it will live on. Only the future will reveal this fate for certain. Nonethless, as much as I am critical of political Islam and its supremacist influence, it is clear that much of the responsibility for the impacts of this ideology, falls in the hands of the West.

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  1. Excellent article. I’m in the same boat as you, only I’m a Yank. 🙂 I’m dismayed by the way the world is going. Leftists, liberals etc are softening the defenses of Western Civilization at a time when we are facing a strong enemy. We cannot even mount a cohesive defense because of the lack of conviction among our leaders. Aside from this, I take heart in the fact that the Bible has warned us that we would be going down this road at time which rapidly seems to be approaching.So, as a Christian, please take heart in that. 🙂

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