My European experiences with Islam

A first hand account of my experience in a Rome market

Accompanied by my girlfriend, I walk along into a market, in a somewhat central area of Rome. Inside are a couple of relatively friendly North African/ Middle Eastern men, whom I seek the value of a hip flask from. I realise that I do not have enough money to purchase the item, so I walk across to the other side of the road for the use of an ATM machine.

Once there, I look over my shoulder. To my mild surprise, I see in the market these men voraciously eyeing my girlfriend as she looks through the items at a store. Later I am told that they uttered towards each other ‘ooo baby, she has a juicy ass, ooo’.

Once I get back over to the market, the men are snapped out of their sexualised gaze, and we quickly carry out our transactions, and leave the store.

To me, this is reflective of much of my experience with these North African/ Middle Eastern men. Leave them alone with your wife, sister, girlfriend, or mother, and they will demonstrate views that are not in line with Western norms. They were far from malicious, but their behaviour displayed towards Western women demonstrated a clear cultural gap. For certain, some men would be better, some would be worse, but overall this was reflective of my experience.

I do not know for certain that these men were Islamic, yet considering their ethnicity, and their common use of the Arabic language, such a presumption is a relatively safe bet.

I made this post to illustrate my experience that I had with the Islamic migrants in Europe. This is far from my worst experience with such migrants, some of which showed reprehensible views towards women. No one can take away what I saw, heard, and observed. Some may protest ‘well your just a racist, the migrants I met had better views towards women than most Europeans?!’

This is a reasonable perspective for someone to present, yet contrasting with my own. My experience is my experience, and this will never be changed. I think for many reasons, including those I just discussed, the mass migration of Islamic migrants is inherently flawed, and Europe will continue to a high price.

2 thoughts on “A first hand account of my experience in a Rome market

  1. It is even worse in the UK to an extent. I saw it many times when I was stationed there. The views, beliefs, etc of the majority of migrants coming into Europe is almost entirely against Western values.

    1. Your right. It makes no sense to import this, it defies all logic. In what planet can the uk be better after Islamic immigration, given things it needed and didn’t already have?

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