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My own take on the attack in Turkey

After 10 German citizens were brutally killed in the recent terror attacks in Turkey, there can be many different readings on this event.

In my view, I see the attack through the following specific frame. The evidence is beyond incontrovertible, that Islamic terrorism, is motivated by factors that extend far beyond reactions to perceived oppression.

Germany has done nothing but bend over backwards to accomodate Islam in the last year, taking in millions of refugees and vowing to take more. Despite these acts of enormous generosity, the Islamic State have nonethless targeted German civilians, merciless in their differentiation.

The phenomenon of radical Islam, political Islam, or whatever it may be termed, clearly extends to something far broader then typical media reasoning for ‘radicalisation’. There is a dark, twisted ideology motivating radicals, who seek to attack anything or anyone, that holds different views to their own. This ideology is indisputably justified by some of the teachings of Islam, which threatens all who do not adhere to its savage religious and world views.

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