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Iran taunting the US

The fact that the Iranian navy seized 10 US sailors, forced them to put their hands behind their back, and forced a woman to wear a hijab, demonstrates the weakened position the United States finds itself in. Iran has zero respect for President Obama, and has taunted America in its unnecessary seize of US sailors. Given the US response of appeasement, it is likely that a similar event may occur again.

3 thoughts on “Iran taunting the US

  1. Iran’s played this one well. Obama and his team are desperate to preserve their one ‘achievement’ in office, the deal with Iran over nuclear weapons. That said deal has not only alienated Israel but now exposed them to this theatre of humiliation will not concern the Obama Administration. All they want to do is preserve their legacy.

    1. Sad isn’t it. It’s really a matter it top toeing, like a kid desperate to avoid the attention of a bully in the schoolyard. That bully will find the kid eventually, Obama just hopes not while he is in office.

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