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My thoughts on Donald Trump’s book 

It is true that lately, I have been largely absent from my blog. Among other things, a primary reason for this absence, has been Donald Trump’s book, and his political manifesto ‘Crippled America: How to make America great again’. I have previously endorsed Trump, but this book has only reaffirmed his standing in my eyes. 

In the book, Trump provides a detailed explanation for all of his policies, and political views. It is clear that his 2016 Presidential campaign, is not the work of an opportunist. This book, and the entire campaign, is the work of someone whose political views changed over time, in a similar fashion to Ronald Reagan. Furthermore, Trump’s business insights, reveal the story of an individual who in the free market, and in the real world, grew a small company into hundreds of companies and a net worth in the billions. This is a man who is competent, and efficient and what he does. In business, failure has actual implications, as livelihoods, and financial prospects are at stake. This differs to the set terms, and set incomes that politicians earn. This aspect, and historical element to Trump’s life, in my view vindicate the value of his policies and ideas, which are more far insightful than the media would have you believe. 

Trump vows to eliminate the Common core program, and allow local schools to determine their education curriculum, as opposed to a bloated government bureaucracy. He promises to effectively discipline children, and make excellence and achievement emphasised, as opposed to vague and often too sensitive towards children educational goals. 

I could not agree more with Trump on energy, in his assertion that green energy should not be subsidised. Simply, the technology to sustainably supply energy to the world, while making profits and releasing limited fossil fuels, is currently unavailable, and thus action should follow as such.

Trump also reinstates his previous views on gun rights, reaffirming the right for American’s to bear arms. Yet, he acknowledged the importance to prevent mentally ill individuals from getting firearms, something not always seen from Republican candidates.

A proposed broader and fairer taxation system, in which all businesses have a flat tax of 15 %, and the super wealthy are taxed more heavily on their hedge funds, seems likely to substantially grow the US economy.

The book contains further reinforcement of previous views on immigration, and trade. This is clearly an area of in which the United States, has continually been taken advantage of, for its excessive generosity and lack of willpower.

All the domestic policies may be important, yet, an effective foreign policy, is the primary responsibility of US President. A strong militiary, is stated as the most important aspect of foreign policy, which I largely agree on. Leading from a position of strength, whether this be in conflicts, in negotiation, or in any circumstances, is an enviable trait. Trump criticises that given America’s strength, in regards to Syria, Iran, and towards China, the US has been far too accomodating and appeasing. For instance, despite the damage China has caused to the American economy, through devaluing its currency, as well as its theft of technology, when the Chinese leader came to America, the White House hosted a lavish state dinner in his honour. Such an action may seem minor, however, it is only the tip of the iceberg in Obama’s relentless weakness.

In addition, Trump presents an interesting and differing idea, in regards to US allies. For Saudi Arabia, Germany, South Korea, Japan, and other US allies, Trump demands greater regional contribution and leadership. For US leadership in the world comes at a cost, and in the eyes of Trump, militiary protection should come at a direct financial cost, for the US should have an incentive for becoming alligned with other nations. 

The book is a detailed, yet common sense analysis of how US politics should change, and how to make America great again. I would highly recommend, even to those who disagree with Donald Trump, as it elaborates and explains many of his spectacular and seemingly impractical proclaimations. Above all else, the book makes one thing clear. Donald Trump has no need for lobbyist money, or political correctness, and combined with his policies, this simple fact provides the potential for Trump to be the best US president since Ronald Reagan.

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