Islam in Australia

Infiltration in the Australian Defence Force


Political correctness, and Australia’s self appointed mission of pandering to and solving to the ongoing needs, wishes, and desires of the Muslim community, has reached epidemic levels. It is one thing to falsely seek a sense of understanding, empathy, and compassion with jihadists, in wrongly emphasizing perceptions of Muslim victimization, whose mission is to annihilate our civilization. It is another thing to dismiss legitimate criticism and debate surrounding Islam, and spread propaganda about the ‘tiny minority of extremists’.

To my mind, there is a clear line in the sand between political debate and discussion, and our national security. Political debate can at times afford to be misguided and irrational, as free speech must always allow even the worst of ill- informed imbeciles to spread ideas that may be morally corrupt or untrue, for otherwise a slippery slope becomes a likely path.

However, in the case of the Australian Defence Force, which historically has existed bereft of any political motives, its role should manifest itself in the form of its original purpose; to defend Australia, and it’s people.

This simple and defined purpose, which has been successfully achieved for hundreds of years, has begun to change, in an increased shift towards a political agenda of Islamization. Last month, the ADF moved to remove the Australian army chaplain’s badge cross, which has alleged connections to the Crusades, due to fears of offending Muslims. After 102 years in existence, the cross was removed, according to defence spokesman in an attempt to ‘better reflect the diversity of religion throughout the Australian army’.

Moreover, a Muslim navy captain, recently used her navy account, to condemn critics of Islam, extensively criticise Tony Abbott’s calls for a reformation within Islam, and support Australia’s Grand Mufti, who acted as an apologist for the Paris terror attacks.

When further considering that the Australian Imans Council indicated that feelings of alienation in the Australian navy among Muslims, may be overcome be employing two Imans, establishing a mosque as well a canteen created in accordance with halal principles, it is evident that the Australian navy, and more broadly the Australian Defence Force, has clearly become a place of some sort of twisted religious and cross cultural experiment.

Such absurdity and political correctness should be left to other areas of Australian society. If some Muslims feel the need to spread Islamic ideals and values in Australian society, for now they are free to do so, but in the armed forces, such aims should be crushed. Frivolous, sentimental, and pandering efforts might occur in Australia as a reluctant yet undeniable evil, but it is time for the defence to refocus its efforts on the purpose for which it was original created.

For if Australia cannot have a focused and strong defence in its army, navy and air forces, it is relinquishing far too much of its responsibilities to its citizens. Defending our country is an all- important task, and it can ill afford any unnecessary  distractions, particularly from bleeding heart Muslims.

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