Islam in Australia

More trouble for our deceptive Mufti

It has become apparent that luck has run out for Australia’s Grand Mufti. A 1995 essay written by Dr Mohamed has been discovered, in which he described the west as ‘decadent’, as he thoroughly condemned the sexual freedom to be enjoyed in countries like Australia.

These revelations may be shocking to some, as it shatters the aspirational and misleading ideas, which proudly proclaims that mainstream Muslim leaders are seeking genuine integration with broader society, which is evidently continuing to further run out of steam. I believe that the mufti, did and still does have every right to express the opinion that he did. 

But surely with some kind of admission, of the realities of this man, his disaste of so much of Western values and way of life, while considering this is the person that has been charged with the responsibility of being the major voice of Australia’s Muslims, can bring forward some kind of legitimate debate about Islam, in which people are allowed in an open and free manner to discuss its political ideology, without the fascist left dictating, shouting down and controlling all argument, though the ‘Islamophobic’ slur.

Jihad, the doctrine of Taqiyya, its manifestations in the west, and the means by which it has easily subverted so many people from addressing any real substance, at a bare minimum must be debated. How many instances of a clash of values, as well as complete cultural gaps in attitudes towards unbelievers, Jews, women, apostates, homosexuals, alcohol, and sex must first be demonstrated? It is time for a mature and well measured discussion of the merits of political Islam, and it’s harmful implications within Australia and beyond.

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