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‘Most Syrian refugees are not terrorists’

The title of this post is another position portrayed by the left which may be accurate, however it also acts to reveal the disastrous flaws that would exist as a consequence of any potential intake of Syrian refugees. The statement ‘Most Syrian refugees are not terrorists’, is absolutely true, and there are few people that truly believe that the majority of Syrian refugees are violent extremists.

Yet, this very statement, in itself reveals a politically incorrect truth, that some are reluctant to hear. If all Syrian refugees were entirely peaceful, and able to seamlessly integrate into Western society, there would be ‘no’ potential terrorists. In stating that ‘most’ refugees are devoid of violent tendencies, an admission is provided of the problems that have been proven to exist among some. This is a delusional and dangerous stream of thinking, which asserts that somehow we are supposed to hope that most refugees are to be peaceful people, yet when the time comes, violent actions can be excused or accommodated for.

In Australia, the perpetrators of the Sydney siege in 2014, as well as the Parramatta police station shooting, were both former refugees. Clearly, it is far from being a majority, yet, past importation of Islamic refugees, has proven to be deadly in our recent history. I view this as being simple issue with a simple response. If there is a marked and proven threat to Australians, and our way of life, we should take action to reduce this threat, through, preventing Syrian refugees getting into this country. Even if this is one potential Islamist, or sympathiser with any radical organisation, this is too much for Australia in its current climate, and the response should follow accordingly.

It is an uncomplicated solution, which far too many are reluctant to embrace.

5 thoughts on “‘Most Syrian refugees are not terrorists’

  1. Problem to me is, what unit of measure do we use when determining the potential threat posed by a migrant or refugee? How are we to know if someone poses a threat? One way is by using the belief or ideology to which they adhere. I know that such a notion is politically incorrect, but so is the notion of protecting one’s own culture.

    1. A good point. This is why I advocate for a ban from all immigration from Islamic countries. It is too difficult to distinguish between migrants. Take my own country for instance, we imported tens of thousands Lebanese refugees in the 80s, yet many of their descendants in the modern day proved to be Islamists. It is impossible, and while politically incorrect, it is time for us to support our own people instead of migrants.

  2. Freedomfighter, you are spot on. This is something many in the United States are struggling to comprehend. It’s better to help refugees closer to their own home since the risk of admitting one terrorist is one too many since recruiting is heavy among terrorists. The suggestion of limiting immigration in the US is met with hostility. Mention ceasing it temporarily and the reaction becomes very aggressive. It’s the same with refugees. Most of the individuals the government is bringing into the US classified as refugees are from more nations than just Syria. Plus, our government officials admit there is no reliable way to vet these individuals so no one knows if any of these individuals are potential threats or not. The simple uncomplicated solution is to not accept refugees. However, US non-leadership over-rules saying the best way to prevent terrorists from perpetrating attacks is to accept refugees. Needless to say, our leadership thinking is delusional/

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