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My issue with how Communism is framed

In virtually all circumstances, when a socialist regime is established, it has far reaching and detrimental implications for all who fall under its influence. I say this in particular, as yesterday I visited the ‘Terror House’ museum in Budapest, Hungary. The museum has an especially fascinating history, as during the Nazi occupation of Hungary, the physical building which is now a museum, acted as a base for the German secret service (the SS). Yet, after World War Two, in the wake of the Soviet occupation, the building acted as a base for the Soviet secret service, the KGB.

The museum highlighted the many crimes of both the Nazi, and the Soviet regimes, and the terrible influence these had on the Hungarian people. I found it particularly interesting, that despite the unrivalled evil and vicious reputation that 20th century Fascism in Germany holds (which is obviously deserving), the vast majority of the museum was focused on the crimes committed by the socialist regime that remained in place in Hungary, from the end of World War Two, to the end of the Cold War. 

For people who truly lived through, and experienced the inevitable corruption, torture, executions, and cruelty that came in part due to the government being granted too much power, there is clearly no love lost in Hungary for its socialist past.

It staggers me, to think that in Australia, and throughout parts of the Western world, in places such as university, there still remains such widespread support for the ideology of Marxism, the complete government ownership for the means of production, and the same ideals that have continually led to the some of the worst crimes committed in human history. In the Soviet Union, in its satellite states in Eastern Europe, in Cuba, in North Korea, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and in virtually all cases, the flaws of communism have came at the cost of millions of lives. 

Put simply, humans by nature, become corrupted when granted too much power, as communism allows in the complete state ownership of property, and ib the one party political system. It cannot and can never work. The spoilt champagne socialists in our universities, truly view Marxism through in an imaginary and utopian filter, rather than admitting its place in reality.

There are always deflections away from the facts, as we are told that Marxism cannot be judged by the crimes of regimes such as the Soviet Union. They state that Marxism has been entirely distorted and misused for alternative purposes, and that what occurs in practice is an inadequate reflection of what Karl Marx preached.

Do I think that Karl Marx aimed to inspire the crimes of Stalin, Mao, Castro and others? Not necessarily, but after so many examples of human corruption under such a Marxist inspired system, at some point what occurs in practice, must be used as more credible evidence than what might be written about in theory. 
Why is it, that Marxists refuse to judge socialism by what occurs in practice, and at the same time, tirelessly condemn all of the imperfections of capitalism? It is an inherent flaw in the mindset of genuine communists, that acts to discredit all the potential Marxist arguments that may be presented. Until this dialogue and line of argument can be readjusted, and Marxists show any honesty in acknowledging the countless faults that exist in the practice of Marxism, their arguments and ideas will continue to be irelevant in a modern 21st century society.

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