Islam in Australia

A disastrous state of affairs

Tony Abbott’s calls for reform within Islam, have been met with a predictably defensive response from Australia’s Muslim community. There is no aspect whatsoever that places Islam, or any other religion, above criticism. However, in the eyes of the group Muslim Village, such rhetoric is equivalent to ‘hate speech’

We can no longer tolerate the incompetent and deceptive Muslim groups, who state that Islam is devoid of all violence. Apart from being a blatant lie, such lines of argument are enabling the acts of the Islamic State, and other radical Islamist groups, in perpetuating the myth that Islam holds no culpability. 

So long as the idea of Islam being a religion of peace remains a widespread belief, the  West can never confront and subsequently defeat the ideology of Islamism. As such, I applaud this brave stance taken by Tony Abbott, and I can only hope that his aspirations of Islam truly reforming into a 21sr century religion, can finally eventuate.

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