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Some very good impressions of Switzerland

I am very happy, that I have the opportunity to share my views and thoughts on this blog. In particular, it allows me to share my views that may be politically incorrect, in a free and open manner. As I have continued my travels, I now currently find myself in the Geneva airport of Switzerland. I have not had the opportunity to explore the country further, but from being merely in the airport, I have been able to observe some of the great attributes held by Switzerland as well as that of the Swiss people.

Before I begin, I want to make clear, I do not hold entirely doomsday predictions of Europe, as much of it still is a good place to visit. Nonetheless, I cannot help but feel a breath of fresh air here in the Geneva airport, for a variety of reasons. Both visibly, and through the announcements as well as dialogue in the airport, it is clear, that in a way that differs from much of Europe, Switzerland is continuing to have a firmly European identity.

It is crystal clear that I am in fact in a European country, and there is a prevalence of native Swiss. I have not even seen ONE burqa, which differed enormously from London, in which I saw up to 9 burqa clad women escorted by their husband through the airport. It is a beautiful, wealthy country, which is seemingly in a blissful existence regardless of world events.

I do not know a great deal about Switzerland, aside from its significant German heritage, and its ongoing neutrality in all conflicts, since 1865.

Whilst I do not consider myself exclusively a paleoconservative, surely this country can serve as a beaming example of such an ideology. With no military conflict weighing the country down, and a subsequently more withdrawn foreign policy, Switzerland has been able to preserve its identity well, in contrast to much of Europe. Furthermore, it has been able to retain its status as a non- EU state, allowing it to preserve its sovereignty. This was highlighted in the fact that as of September, Switzerland had been approving of only 35 % of potential Syrian refugees, compared with the 70 % average in the rest of Europe.

In this particular instance, when a country in part withdraws from globalisation, multiculturalism, needless conflicts, and instead entirely focuses on improving its own country, in a way that contrasts greatly with the policies of much of the Western world, the result is the development of a nation such as Switzerland; a beaming example of living standards, democracy and sovereignty, amidst the chaos of change and upheaval taking place throughout the world.

I can only help that Switzerland can continue to uphold its relative ethnic, cultural, and linguistic homogeneity, and remain the great country it currently is.

3 thoughts on “Some very good impressions of Switzerland

  1. Excellent article. Sadly. I already saw 11 women in burqas in Seoul, South Korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is getting out of control!!!!!!!!! Im moving to Switzerland

    1. Yeah Switzerland’s a good idea. After that, I guess Hungary/ Poland would be good alternatives.

  2. Would expect no less from the country that holds the world’s stashed money… 😉 Also, I now have a favorite new label for this Mayflower descendant, granddaughter of a Signer of the Constitution, and Daughter of the Revolution! Yes, I happily carry on the tradition of this country’s founding. Thank you!

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