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Who really stands for free speech in Australia?

Malcolm Turnbull is proving not only to be a lying and deceptive Prime Minister, but a dangerous and power hungry one. Using the director general of ASIO, as a puppet in an attempt to shut down debate on Islam, is a reckless and tyrannical move, extending far beyond his authority as Prime Minister.

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  1. Same scenario here in the U.S., where Obummer uses AG Loretta Lynch to quash anything approaching anti-Islam talk.

    Former Rep. Joe Walsh was so aghast at this usurpation, he actually dared her to prosecute him as he made his opinion known! Jarrett/Obi-none practically muzzled FBI Director’s comments after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA. Please see: WH Demands Trump “Disqualified” because of Rational, Reality-based Comments (WatchmanMomma).

    1. It’s strange isn’t it. Hungary, and other countries seem able to stop Islamic immigration, why so hard for the west? I would say an undercurrent of political correctness is much too blame

    2. I’d say more than just PC, it is the insideous takeover of America by Progressives, whose goals are toward a New World Order. It’s like wondering why Obama does things counter to our nat’l security; once you realize he is Muslim, it starts to make sense…

    3. Good article in Nat’l Review:

      Terrorism is a big concern, but this sense that the political system is unresponsive, unaccountable, and operating on its own self-interested ideological agenda is bigger. It is the ur-complaint that explains everything from enduring outrage over the lies that greased Obamacare’s passage to fury over illegal immigration, disgust over corruption at the IRS and VA, the immortality of the Ex-Im Bank, and countless other outrages du jour.

      Read more at:

  2. ‘All it takes for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing’.

    Using your intelligence chief to try and influence debate in parliament is not the sign of a good Prime Minister. The more I read about Malcolm Turnbull the more I wonder how he ousted Tony Abbott?

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