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Islam’s impact on women


There is an exhaustive litany of ways that Islam discriminates, persecutes, and destroys the spirit and character of women across the world. When considering sexual slavery, burqas, female genital mutilation, honour killings as well gross injustices in regards to rape, divorces, and domestic violence, this case is indisputable. For 50 % of the world’s population, Islam has a cruel and wicked vision for, once a global Islamic state has been established.

The fact that some feminists side with, and seek common ground and shared identities towards, such a clearly marked and antithetical opponent, indicates an unexplainable and unjustifiable lack of cultural conviction, as well as a complete and utter state of insanity having been reached.

Sweden is a country whose women have been damaged particularly hard by Islamic immigration, and the epidemic of rape it has imported into the country.

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