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The question of Islamic immigration


The question of Islamic immigration, has been brought into the spotlight recently by Donald Trump, who announced that if elected President, he would halt Muslim migration into the United States.

Scores of Republican and Democrat presidential candidates, along with much of the media and broader society, have directed all kinds of laughable and inaccurate slurs towards Trump, in a desperate last ditch attempt to cover up and avoid the undeniable truth.

I have addressed this issue earlier and I will do so again. Personally, I believe there needs to be some kind of moratorium on immigration from the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation). The left will always condemn this plan, and use emotive language in an attempt to discredit any ideas and policies, such as Donald Trump’s proposal, which aim to lessen the influx and influence of Islam into Western civilisation.

The argument, again and again hurled at so called Islamophobes such as myself, is that ‘most Muslims are not terrorists, and are good people’. This is absolutely true, but it does nothing to limit the magnitude of terrorist attacks when they occur, in instances such as Paris, and in San Bernardino.

No one can deny, that when considering Islam’s influence in the West, we are facing a growing  problem. How can importing more Muslims, who may or may not hold radical beliefs, address this problem?

We are facing a growing issue presented by Islam, projected through some of the religion’s followers. It is nonsensical, and devoid of all logic, to suggest that in somehow importing more Muslims, Islamic issues will cease to exist. It provides a showcase of the decadence and woeful inadequacies, that have gripped hold of the West, when it comes to confronting its modern day enemies. Furthermore, as I have made unequivocally clear before, of course, not all Muslims are evil people.

Nonethleless, there are already enough Islamists in the West to cause a great deal of damage. No bleeding heart response, or any idiotic comparison to the crusades, can ever change this fact, and this is why some significant and long lasting action is required.

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