Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

‘Playing into Isis’s hands’ myth

There seems to be common idea among Islamic terrorist apologists, leftists, and all other dillusioned and irrational ‘progressives’, that by speaking the truth on Islam, this somehow helps the Islamic State’s cause. They say that by criticising Islam, and falsely stating there are issues with the Islamic religion, this divides Muslims and non Muslims, and causes marginalisation.

My main response to this thesis, in part inspired by another post I saw on WordPress, would be this. If Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, then why would insulting Islam invite more terrorism? You can’t have it both ways. The left cannot state Islam is a religion of peace, whilst making excuses for acts of violence.

No level of ‘islamophobia’, can ever justify joining the Isis death cult. It is a patrionizing and absurd stream of thinking that has been reached. The average Muslim, is currently being treated by broader society as a spoilt 5 year old. Everyone is so desperate and full of concern, to avoid offending Muslims, in any way shape or form. Just like a 5 year old who routinely throws tantrums, people have come to expect Muslims to act in abnormal and unreasonable ways.

I expect Muslims, to act as human beings, like everyone else. The extremities of their religion, should be divorced from practice, like the vast majority of other religious followers. I refuse to give a peaceful Muslim, a pat on the back, for not blowing me up. It is time we raised our expectations of Muslims, but this should not come at the cost of expressing the truth, for this is the only way we can move forward.

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