Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

Lies of the leftist media

Recently, a shooting occurred at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colarado, killing 3 people. Before even a shred of evidence, the hard- left media labelled him a ‘white Christian terrorist’. There have been debates, as to whether or not this man actually had any links to pro life organisations, or any connections to Christianity. Regardless of the motive, there is a very important difference between a perpetrator of an abortion clinic shooting, or an Islamist attack as recently witnessed in California, which I feel must be discussed.

In fact, there is a massive difference, between an Islamist terrorist, and all other violent criminals of any sort.

An Islamist attack, is inspired by an ideology, eternally justified under the guise of religion. The notion of a god, and religion, is a powerful one. The legitimacy, and ability for a religious organisation to influence a person’s life, is unrivalled, and more significant than any other political or cultural group. Any Islamist, to some degree, is following the directions of a hate filled book, in the Quran, as well as the example of the life of Muhammad. Violent actions undertaken in the name of Islam, are perpetrated in a very clear and defined manner, with world domination being the ultimate goal.

No matter how heinous any other criminal is, including the Planned Parenthood shooter, comparisons with Islamic terrorism, and calls to equate Christianity with Islam, are entirely disingenuous. This man acted upon his own violent impulses. Questions over his religion is irrelevant, as even if this man is a Christian terrorist, a call to arms, and clear orders to murder those who carry out abortions, carries no resemblance in Christianity.

Nonethless, Islam outlines various provisions for the murder of people it disagrees with; infidels, apostates, those found guilty of blasphemy and adultery, as well as homosexuals, which makes jihadists criminals not only individuals who hold violent intentions, but criminals driven by an inherently religious and political motive

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  1. There’s a similarity between the reaction of the left to this shooting and the one in San Berardino, CA, too. Before even a shred of evidence, the hard left media (along with our President) started screaming for more gun control. That, in spite of the fact that none of the proposed gun laws would have prevented it. They assumed right off the bat that it was another issue they could use to further their agenda, and as a result of their determination to use it that way it took them forever to finally admit that it was an act of Islamic terrorism. At first, to better fit their narrative, they were even trying hard to cast it as something that stemmed from work-place issues.

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