Pro- Life

Follow up on male rights

I just wish to clarify a few positions that I made in my previous post on abortion.

My proposal, is only relevant, if the man is to not have a say in the process of abortion. If the man was to have a say in abortion, and he decided to keep the child, any act of bailing out would not be an option.

Furthermore, my proposal would only be relevant, for a woman who is 2 months pregnant. If a man sought to forfeit his financial responsibilities for his potential child a week or so after the 2 month pregnancy stage, his requests would not be allowed. This is aimed to give a woman exactly a month, to decide whether or not to have an abortion and/ or other options.

I stand by my original statements, in saying I do not believe abortion should be encouraged at all. But, I I believe that in a world in which women have the open right to abort freely, men should have the right to have a say as well, through my proposal. After all, the child is as much a man’s is it is a woman’s, and I believe that the current climate is discriminatory.

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