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A proposition for the advancment of Male rights

Since the 1960’s, discussions around gender equality have predominantly centred from the perspectives of feminism. This trend is rightfully so, as both historically and in the modern era, across a broad range of areas, women tend to be more discriminated against than their male counterparts. I do not have any problem or issue with feminism, and I recognize its rightful place in the 21st century.

Nonetheless, as a male, I believe to have a duty in offering contasting and differing perspectives, on the issue of gender equality. It may be hard for people to fathom, and at times take seriously, but men are discriminated against in the contemporary era, with little societal concern for the injustice occurring.

In my opinion, men are significantly discriminated against, in the following situation.

Irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the event, a man and a woman have sexual intercourse, leading to the woman falling pregnant. For the sake of argument, the pregnancy in this situation is accidental. In such a situation, both the man and the woman is at fault, for the unplanned pregnancy. This mistake, and lack of proper judgement, is unquestionable.

However, following the woman falling pregnant, she has the opportunity, to decide to abort the baby, (generally only in the first trimester, but this depends on the country and subsequent laws). But a man, despite being equally culpable in creating the pregnancy, has no say, or opinion in a potential abortion, or any say on whether or not to keep the life of this child. In this circumstance, I understand the woman exclusively holds the right to abortion, as pregnancy is a process that takes place within the female body.

Nevertheless, it is my firm and unwavering belief, that similar to the way in which a woman can abort a pregnancy, and decide that they want no role in raising a child, a man should have the capacity to make a similar decision.

A father of an unborn child, at the 2 month mark of a pregnancy, should legally be able to opt out of involvement in raising a child’s life. Through some passage of legislation, I believe that immediately after 2 months of a woman’s pregnancy, a man should be able to convey his  disinterest in being involved in his child’s life, as a right comparable to abortion for women. If a man was to sign legal papers, that he desires no involvement or part in this child, he should have the power to opt out, and bear no legal obligation to the upbringing and financial responsibility. If such a process were to occur after 2 months of a woman’s pregnancy, this would give the woman a month, adequate time to decide whether or not she desires to raise a child without support from a partner, and so there would be no major surprises when the baby was to be born. In any case, a woman would be reimbursed the necessary financial assistance by the state, to aid the upbringing of the child.

In my proposal, it is not my goal to encourage abortion and/or a generation of cowardly men to abandon their responsibilities. I do believe that in virtually all circumstance, preserving the life of a child should be a more desired option than abortion.

On the other hand, the modern era sees untold numbers of abortions, with women granted enormous power in deciding whether or not to preserve the life of a child they are responsible for creating. Put simply, abortion in current times is an inevitability.

Thus, if the environment in which we find ourselves, is very pro-choice, I believe that men should also have a choice; to decide whether or not they wish to be involved with their child, as women have through abortion.

This is a fundamental inequality, that should be addressed if gender equality is to to be truly achieved. It takes both a man and a woman to create a baby, so why should the balance of power over children be entirely with women?

4 thoughts on “A proposition for the advancment of Male rights

  1. I agree with this almost whole-heartedly, as long as it’s proven that the woman has to capacity to seek out an abortion. Wouldn’t be fair if the guy opts out then the woman’s incapable of getting an abortion because she’s underage and it’s not allowed in that state for minors, or in the case of Texas she’s unable to do so without the consent of her parents etc.

  2. Call it what you like: anti conservative or anything. Personally I’m not a strong proponent of abortion. But, if women have the power to abortion, a man should be able to very clearly 2 months after a woman falls pregnant, be able to say he wants not part in it, just like how a woman can abort. But, if pregnancy reaches beyond 2 months, the man does not have any say. If we are going to live in a society where abortion is commonplace, man deserve rights as well

  3. Can you clarify what you mean by “in any case, a woman would be reimbursed the necessary financial assistance by the state, to aid the upbringing of the child”? Perhaps from my American point of view this statement seems very anti-conservative. Were you just speaking from an Australian reality or were you stating a desired outcome? Why should all of society keep paying for this couple’s mistakes, thereby tacitly promoting, or at least not discouraging, the act and outcome that makes abortion/dis-ownership an option? Wouldn’t your proposal mean that men could continue getting women pregnant without being responsible for the outcome, even if a woman may have abortion as an option? Basically, wouldn’t this create a moral hazard by not discouraging men from getting women pregnant?

  4. You do have a very legitimate point here. Regrettable that we have come to such a state, but such is what such is.

    While female, I am very against most tendencies of modern feminism. Today’s feminism, no longer merely about affording more opportunities to women, often has man-hating excesses gone unchecked. I’ve spoken out against it occasionally on my blog.

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